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The McKinley Tariff Act required imports into the United States to list the country of origin on their products beginning in 1891. This provided well-known marks such as "Bavaria," "England," "Nippon," and "Co. Fermangh Ireland." In 1921 the Act was amended to require the phrase "Made in" preceding the country of origin, and Japan was required to replace "Nippon" (the Japanese name for Japan) with "Made in Japan." (Interestingly, Irish Belleek retained the "Co. Fermangh Ireland" labeling without adding the "Made in" phrase and switched to Gaelic in 1926.) The labeling at individual British potteries varies somewhat from the 1891/1921 dating requirements described above (e.g., Wedgwood adopted the "Made in England" around 1908/10 and may have used it on some pieces as early as 1898), and only pieces exported to the United States required these marks. Also, newer items are sometimes imprinted with the earlier (i.e., 1891) style labeling, so this "system" provides only a rough dating guide.



Belleek Marks (Irish)



c. 1863-1890
(first black mark)

Irish wolfhound, castle, and harp with the word "Belleek" imprinted

c. 1891-1926
(second black mark)

"Co Fermangh Ireland" added to above

c. 1926-1946
(third black mark)

"Deanta in Eirinn" added to above

c. 1946-1955
(first green mark)

above in green

c. 1955-1965
(second green mark)

(R) added to above

c. 1965-1980
(third green mark)

"Co Fermangh" deleted


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